Evo Morales Sees Social Inclusion in the Bolivian Process of Change

Evo Morales Sees Social Inclusion in the Bolivian Process of Change
La Paz, Nov 7(Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales ratified today the inclusive line of the democratic and cultural revolution, which seeks the development of Bolivia and improves the quality of life of the most humble sectors of society.
Thanks to the struggles of indigenous peoples and social movements, we recovered our homeland and refounded Bolivia with dignity and sovereignty without exclusions or racism, Morales said, participating in the delivery of economic resources from the Indigenous Fund in the department of Potosí.

At the ceremony, the president recalled that a decade ago he elevated to the status of law the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

'Revolution is inclusion without discrimination,' Morales emphasized when referring to the process led by his government since 2006 that included the nationalization of natural resources and the recovery of strategic companies, previously in the hands of foreign companies.

He also referred to the struggle of indigenous communities to liberate themselves from the colonial rule because, he explained, when there are inequality and injustice the people rise up and organize themselves.

Morales added that the Democratic and Cultural Revolution guarantees that there is no exclusion or marginalization of the indigenous, on the contrary, it takes into account their rights, those for which they fought for 500 years.