Sovereignty Is under Threat with U.S. Troops in Amazonia, PT Warns

Sovereignty Is under Threat with U.S. Troops in Amazonia, PT Warns
Brasilia, Nov 7 (Prensa Latina) The presence of U.S. soldiers in the military drills taking place in the Amazonia is ''a point outside the curve'' in the tradition of affirming national sovereignty in a strategic region for Brazil, the Workers'' Party (PT) warned today.
Even if the express purpose of the Amazonlog 17 maneuvers is only to train the troops to deal with humanitarian crises, like those caused by natural disasters or the influx of refugees, the real objective seems to be to put the Brazilian Armed Forces into the strategic orbit of the United States, the PT pointed out.

A press release from the leader of the PT bench in the Federal Senate, Lindbergh Farias, notes that such interpretation is reinforced by the broad participation in the drills of soldiers from Peru and Colombia, 'countries that are already aligned strategically with that superpower'. In addition, in a short term, the military exercises undoubtedly point to exerting pressure on Venezuela, whose regime opposes U.S. interests in the subcontinent.

Amazonlog 17 will be end on November 13 in the Amazonian town of Tabatinga, some 700 kilometers from the Venezuelan border, with participation of about 1,500 soldiers from Brazil, 150 from Colombia, 120 from Peru and 30 from the United States.