Evo Warns about Expulsion of US Charge d'Affaires

La Paz, Nov 7 (Prensa Latina) President Evo Morales warned today about the possibility of discharging the Chargé d''Affaires of the U.S. embassy, Peter Brennan, if that country continues to finance the right wing to conspire against the Bolivian government.
'If they continue financing the right and plan a conspiracy, I will not shake my hand to expel the Chargé d´Affair of the U.S. embassy again,' the president said.

The head of state added that in 11 years Bolivia has become a worthy country, thanks to the struggle and effort of the population, so he will not allow the return of the 'imperialist policy.'

Brennan is the highest authority of the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia since the expulsion of US Ambassador Philip Goldberg, in 2008, for an alleged conspiracy against the government.

Morales also affirmed that the new strategy of the North American country to attack the democratic and cultural revolution he has led since 2006 is to resort to lies, cases of corruption and drug trafficking.

'From the U.S. embassy they have planned to attack the government, our cultural democratic revolution with corruption and drug trafficking. The right wing has no idea on how to attack us, the one who prepares it is the United States, 'he said.