Military Drills in Amazonia, a Threat for Venezula

Military Drills in Amazonia, a Threat for Venezula
Caracas, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) An international expert warned today against the danger for Venezuela of the military drills being carried out by troops from the United States, Brazil, Colombia and Peru in the bordering zone of the Amazon.
In statements to Venezolana de Television, the international analyst Jeanpier Anaya warned that those military exercises, camouflaged under alleged rehearsals of humanitarian actions, are a maneuver to prepare a favorable situation for an invasion of Venezuela.

'They are carrying out exercises there because they plan to work in a zone with geographic characteristics that are similar to those where they want to work to establish a humanitarian channel,' Anaya said on the TV program Encendidos.

He noted that the operation AmazonLog aims to control that territory and its resources, because it is a logistically-feasible zone to develop the intervention of Venezuela. 'Therefore, it is important for the U.S., and in order to justify the movement of troops, they use the humanitarian aid pretext, a discourse that has also been used by sectors of the national opposition,' he noted.

Anaya underlined that transnational media are involved in the plan by promoting a matrix of opinion on the need to open a humanitarian channel, which translates into 'a deployment of foreign troops in Venezuela', he pointed out.

According to the expert, the Venezuelan State's response should counteract the threat with the effective exercise of its military logistic capacities.

Likewise, the expert expressed the need to boost communication in the bordering zone and the civic-military doctrine as a way to involve the people in the active defense of Venezuela's sovereignty.

The military drills taking place in the town of Tabatinga, in the bordering zone near the countries participating in the maneuver, involve 1,500 soldiers from Brazil, 150 from Colombia and 120 from Peru, according to Venezolana de Television.

Directed from Washington, the operation aims to create an integrated multinational logistic base to coordinate activities with the justification of providing humanitarian aid to Venezuela.