Alianza PAIS Ratifies Support to President of Ecuador

Alianza PAIS Ratifies Support to President of Ecuador
Quito, Nov 8 (Prensa Latina) The legislative bloc of the ruling Alianza PAIS Movement has ratified today its support for Ecuador''s President, Lenin Moreno, for his administration and the Popular Consultation he is boosting to reform the Constitution.
In a statement released on Twitter, the governing party stated that its aim is to comply with the government's plan approved at elections by the people, on April 2 this year, to advance the challenge of eradicating poverty, generating development and fighting corruption firmly.

'We remain united and firm in that commitment,' the bloc warned.

At the same time, they stated: YES, to the Popular Consultation and the right of the Ecuadorian people to give opinioons as many times as transcendental issues for the country are required.

The bloc calls in the text for unity of the political movement around the major objectives.

We are going through a moment of necessary renewal, but we demand that the national directorate and provincial directorates act on the basis of agreements and not on a personal view, they said.

The government bloc held a meeting last night with the head of State, in the Carondelet Palace, in which he confirmed his adherence to the policies implemented by the president. The strength of government has been fragmented since the beginning of Moreno's management, on May 24, and there is currently a group that follows the president and approves his way of managing, while others reject his approach to the right and criticism of the administration of Rafael Correa.