Caracas Metro Back to Full Operation

Caracas Metro Back to Full Operation
Caracas, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) Authorities confirmed Caracas Metro is back in operation after checking security of two of its lines because an abandoned suitcase was found at the station platform in Plaza Venezuela.
For protection measure, established protocols were activated for these cases, and the two access routes to this station were shut down, the city's Transport Authority wrote on its Twitter account. Plaza Venezuela is directly connected with Zona Rental, transference point with another line that takes passengers to different areas of the capital, authorities indicated.
At the beginning of February, the police arrested four people alongside several workers allegedly involved in a sabotage attack against such transport service.

The terrorist action was controlled immediately at Petare station, eastern of Caracas, when a tear gas artifact was activated to affect service.

During the last days, the Metro suffered a sabotage at the station of Plaza Venezuela, where a tear gas bomb was launched to create chaos, fear and confusion among passengers.