Political Leader Demanded Colombian Government to Save Peace

Political Leader Demanded Colombian Government to Save Peace
Bogotá, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) The leader of FARC, Ivan Marquez, asked the Colombian government today to act in order to save peace, as it is sinking little by little and it is a moral duty to save it at all cost.
'The Government is allowing, with incredible passivity, that the weed of judicial staging continues to be planted and threatened foreign intervention, even violating the diplomatic procedure and even the constitutional order', stressed Marquez.

The member of the National Political Council of the Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common (FARC) referred in that manner to an article of the U.S. daily The Wall Street Journal, published last Saturday, involving him in the crime of drug trafficking.

According to the newspaper, antidrug agents of the United States (DEA) and Colombian officials investigating Marquez for alleged conspiracy to cocaine trafficking .

'I ask the president (Juan Manuel Santos) to act. The increasing judicial insecurity, based in biased processes, are planting the darnel of distrust', said the head of the peace delegation of the former guerrilla in Havana, for whom what was published 'is the last straw'.

Marquez highlighted that the Peace Agreement is the most transcendent pact achieved in Colombia in the last decades and thus, it should be saved without mutilations like those imposed by Congress with the acceptance and indifference of other government branches.

He added he agrees with the presidential candidate of the Liberal Party, Humberto de la Calle, who over the last hours warned the country goes to the precipice of war.

'I agree with the perception of the head of the government negotiating team at the Havana talks, when he assures that the concert of peace enemies and the non-compliance with its implementation, are destroying peace', he said.

De la Calle denounced yesterday in a press round that both former president Alvaro Uribe (2002-2010), as the presidential candidate for the Uribist party Centro Democratico, Ivan Duque, 'are knitting a web of lies and hates that led a good part of the population to miss war'.

'They are wasting peace. In clear Spanish and without hypocrisy', emphasized the candidate of liberalism.

Finally, Marquez said the hours of the FARC leader Jesus Santrich 'are ending', referring to the critical condition he is in due to the hunger strike he started three weeks ago.

'Let's save Santrich and save the process that has awakened the hopes of good people. No more war must be the collective cry', indicated in a call to the political and social movement in Colombia.