Pope Supports Chilean Victims of Sexual Abuses

Pope Supports Chilean Victims of Sexual Abuses
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Santiago, Chile, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) Pope Francis'' attentions with three victims of sexual abuses committed by members of the Chilean Catholic Church show his support and unequivocal sign of commitment.
The very gesture of inviting Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton and Jose Andres Murillo, who denounced the sex crimes committed by the dismissed priest Fernando Karadima, to the Vatican is unprecedented.

Following orders from Pope Francis, Cruz, Hamilton and Murillo are staying at the Holy Mary House, the residence of the Bishop of Rome in the Vatican, being this another demonstration of the Holy Pontiff's commitment to fighting pedophilia.

'I am touched. He listened to me with great respect, affection and closeness, like a father. We went into many topics in great depth. Today I harbor more hope in the future of our Church. Although the task is huge', Cruz wrote on his Twitter account.

The U.S.-based journalist is one of the strongest activists who have repeatedly denounced the complicity of Bishop Juan Barros with Karadima and the silence or complicity of other ministers of the Catholic Church in Chile.

On Sunday, Cruz, Hamilton and Murillo, and their families, attended the Pope's Angelus at Saint Peter's Square at the palace's balcony, a location occupied by special guests of the Bishop of Rome.

'Sincere, welcoming and enormously constructive,' James Hamilton, a physician by profession, wrote.

For his part, Murillo, who was accompanied by his wife and a months-old baby, said on Twitter that he and Pope Francis discussed the issue of abuse of power.

'In a very respectful and honest way, I expressed to him the importance of dealing with the abuse as an abuse of power,' he noted.

Although the three of them have been very cautious when commenting their impressions on their respective meetings with the Pope, all of them have hinted their conviction that for the first time their truth has reached a satisfactory conclusion.